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girls are magical and amazing!!! all of you!!!!

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sad ghost club  by Lize meddings

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Heterosexuals: I like pepperoni pizza
Homosexuals: I like vegetarian pizza
Bisexuals: I like vegetarian and pepperoni pizza
Pansexuals: Who cares about the toppings just gimme the damn pizza
Asexuals: I like how it looks but im not a pizza fan
Made up Tumblr sexualities: I can only have pizza after it's been left out for a week, made in the 14th dimension, has exactly 43 peppers on it and a written affidavit affirming that it identifies as an omnidirectional being from Zelos (I love Zelosi)
Tumblr SJWS: If you like one topping you have to eat all the toppings or you're a bigot<p>Basically</p>
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her parents lock her in her room, so she takes to summoning demons for company

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Pokeball - Pokemon