6, 9, 11, 13 c:

6. favorite band: The Birthday Massacre!!!
9. tattoos i want: Probably something flower related, designed to look like watercolors. Not really sure if I still want a tattoo, since now I am terrified of needles. :’C
11. age: 18, but I’ve only had 4 birthdays. </3
13. life goal(s): Ahhh I’m not sure.;;; I just want to force myself to keep on going. I want to try and have a financially stable life so I can keep going to school. And I hope to not give up just yet on pursuing a career in Art someday. uwu

Thanks for asking! ;3c


hey friends i still have A LOT of these dumb homestuck stickers i made for my 1000th follower giveaway like YEARS ago haha. Not all of these are characters are available. i dont wanna throw them away and they’re taking up space so who wants them.

short give away,

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random number generator pick

ends August 4th 2014

no international shipping sorry :’( (unless you wanna pay for it i guess)


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your waifu is trash

please refer to her as Garbage-chan thank you

Garbage-chan belongs in the Garbage Can

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Things People Just Don’t Get About Being Asexual

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Inspirational pokemon photos.

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Pokeball - Pokemon